Modern Backsplash Tile Ideas

Using Backsplashes to Create a Current Kitchen

Using the kitchen backsplash design to finish off a modern kitchen is a great way of pulling the entire design together. With the abundance of different materials, shapes, and sizes available today, it’s easy to find a design that will complete any space.

Use Mosaic Tile to Add Depth, Color, and Interest

Mosaic tiles now come in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Glass mosaics can add depth to a space, as well as reflect light and help to brighten up a small or dark kitchen. Mixed material mosaics are great ways of adding interest and texture. Look for mixes of glass and stone, stone and ceramic, or glass and ceramic.

Custom blends of ceramic colors can fire up a space while pulling the colors of the kitchen together. Be sure to have a sample of the counter, and the paint color when choosing the blend. Pull flecks or veins of color from the countertop, and mix in a small percentage of the wall color.

When designing your own blend of mosaic, it is possible to control the amount of each color. Start with 50% of a background color that will showcase the others. Then add different percentages of other colors already in the space. Use bright colors, like reds, sparingly so that their effect is more dramatic.

Glass Backsplashes Offer Clean Lines and Easy Clean Up

Glass tile not only comes in mosaic; it is available in up to 24×24” squares. As most backsplashes are approximately 18” in height, try to stick 6” squares or 6×12” rectangles; this will give approximately 3 full tiles in height. The larger the tile, the fewer the grout lines and the cleaner the look. If trying to achieve a very stark, modern kitchen design, using large glass tiles is an effective method.

Small or dark kitchens will also benefit from this design. Choose one color of glass that complements, but doesn’t necessarily mimic the other colors already in the kitchen. Stack the tiles, rather than breaking the grout joints in a running bond to maximize the clean effect.

Glass tiles also have the added benefit of being very easy to clean. Simply use a glass cleaner, such as those used on windows or mirrors to keep the backsplash clean and cooking splatter-free.

30 Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Will Add Personality to the Entire Room

New and Unique Tile Shapes and Subway Tiles

Shapes of tiles are exploding in multitude right now. For a truly unique and innovative kitchen design, look for circles, and elongated subway tiles, such as a 4×10” or 4×12” and super long thin “stix” style mosaics.

The Falling Water pattern of the mosaic is also popular right now. It uses different sizes and shapes of mosaic, ceramic, glass, or stone to create movement through the space. It can be laid vertically to elongate a short space, or horizontally to draw the eye along the counter.

Mix up the size used throughout the backsplash. If using circles, look for blends that utilize 1”, 2”, and 3” circles in the same design. Combine elongated subway tiles with a mosaic border, or use different sizes of the same color and material to add interest and depth to the space.

Remember that the backsplash is a personal decision, made by the current homeowner. Choose materials and colors that appeal now; the backsplash is fairly easy to change out and update, without disturbing the rest of the kitchen if need be. Use the space to get creative and have fun with the kitchen design.

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