Is there anything more beautiful than the grain structure of wood? It’s perhaps one of the most beautiful products of nature. So why would be not use this resource in our kitchen? Wood is the perfect material for a kitchen. A wooden kitchen always has a very homely feeling. It automatically creates a warm atmosphere, unlike man-made materials such as plastic and concrete, that often look cold. Most people associate wood with a traditional kitchen design. However, wood can also be used in very modern kitchen (we have plenty of great examples

Can’t get enough of Cheddar, Stilton, Brie, Roquefort or Camembert? Do you dream of a nice cheese fondue every night? Then you should a) probably get some help and b) get this cheese sponge! The Cheese Sponge The Cheese Sponge is a natural sponge that was designed by Atypyk. It is made in France but it can be shipped worldwide. You can buy this sponge online for 7 euro. The cool thing about this sponge is the packaging: it looks like a real piece of cheese. Whatever you do: don’t

Over the years kitchens have become the hub of our homes. It’s a place where family and friends gather and bond. You could almost say that a kitchen has a different function than 50 years ago. Kitchens evolved into real technological wonders. A lot of the appliances and utensils we see in a modern kitchen didn’t exist half a century ago. All of this technology is used to make our lives easier. This means you have more time you can spend on other tasks. So what can we expect from the future?

Glass kitchen canisters Thanks to (a great website btw), I came across these beautiful wood & glass kitchen canisters. I bet they fit perfectly in a kitchen, bathroom or even an office. These canisters were designed by Chabatree. They are sold individually in two sizes: small and large. The small version has a diameter of 4″ dia. and it’s 4.75″ tall. The large one is 2″ taller. Optionaly you can fit the top with a rubber lip. Slip this rubber band on top to create an airtight container. You can

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