Slide Chopping Knife by Andreas Kalt

Not everyone can chop vegetables and herbs like Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver. That’s why so many people cut themselves while cooking. But with this slide chopping knife, you can unleash all your chopping fury!

This chopping knife was designed by Andreas Kalt. He designed it for the iF – International Forum Design Awards – in Germany. I don’t know if he won the award, but I bet the competition will have to come up with something amazing to beat this one.

The idea behind this chopping knife is very simple: the blades are attached to a sliding handle. Move the handle back and forth and the blades will cut anything in their path. Thanks to the sliding handle you’ll never run the risk of losing your fingers (but don’t put your other hand in front of it!).

sliding chopping knife instructions

You can compare it to a modern equivalent of the guillotine. But instead of a vertical movement you use a horizontal movement to chop your vegetables and herbs.

One of the other advantages of this design is that you can apply a lot more pressure than with a normal knife. This chopping knife is also very easy to clean. Just disassemble the knife and put the part with the blades in the dishwasher.

It’s just a prototype at the moment, but I can see this one ending up in the stores. And when it does, I’m getting one!

Found on Yanko Design.

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