DIY Colorful Wooden Spoons

I always like a bit of color in a kitchen. It can really bring a plain, boring kitchen to life. Colorful accents such as a cookie jar, retro fridge or even a painting are a must-have. That’s why I had to share this great DIY tip with you.

Last week, whilst surfing the web, I came across these colorful wooden spoons. I found them on the website of Crystal, called Little Bit Funky. She coated all her wooden spoons with a layer of color. The result is a funky rainbow effect. I bet this is a great eye-catcher in her kitchen.

I also found another variation of these colorful wooden spoons. Erin from House of Earnest used the same technique to paint her spoons in a more subtle color. She also points us to the fact that it’s best to wash these by hand, as the painted area might chip in the dishwasher.

colored wooden spoons

How to make these colorful wooden spoons

Before applying the paint, scuff the wooden spoons with a piece of sandpaper (it will help the paint stick). If you want a nice straight edge, stick some duct tape around the spoon before dipping it in the paint. Once they are dry, remove the duct tape and finish the spoons with a food safe sealer (this sealer, for example, is all-natural and non-toxic).

Interested in trying this technique to paint your wooden spoons? Don’t forget to post a comment with the end result!

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