Advice for Stone and Wood Countertops

Natural Countertops

One of the biggest trends in design today is extremes. (Robyn Waters) This even applies to countertop thickness. Current kitchen trends are either thick and chunky 60mm and thicker, or thin, 13mm or less. Thicknesses between this have little visual impact and almost feel dated.

Anti-spill edges look awful and are not really necessary if the countertop has been installed correctly and is level. It is surprising how much water is required to spill over a flat edge of a level countertop. The corner of a top should be square with a slightly rounded corner. Pencil arris is the correct term. Bullnose edges are a total no-no.

For a thin benchtop, you should consider a negative detail. This is when the cabinetry is rebated just under the countertop. This gives an impression of the top floating above the cabinet and is particularly good in minimal kitchens.

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Granite and Marble Countertops

Granite has wonderful properties that make it great for your countertop. Its natural variance in color introduces some pattern and texture into the kitchen. Where possible try to view your slab before ordering. Stone is a natural product and a small sample may not be representative of the entire slap of stone.

Granite is hard and durable but can still be cracked if put under enough pressure. Never stand on your granite countertop no matter how tempting it may be. Also, avoid extremes of temperature. Don’t put a hot pot down on a space that just had ice on it, or vice-versa.

General maintenance involves the cleaning up of spills promptly, especially wine and citrus juices, and do not use citric-based cleaners.

If you are having a thick top, over 30mm, request a mitered edge. This looks much better than two pieces of granite sandwich joined together.

Remember granite and marble are two different stones. Marble is very porous and will absorb some liquids, oils, and wine, and will stain. Over time this staining effect can become homogenous and the marble takes on a beautiful aged patina but is aware your marble top will never look the same as the first day it goes in.

Timber Countertops

Timber has a richness of color and a warm feel. It is this tactile nature that makes it a very popular choice for countertops. Different woods go together wonderfully. So if you have wood anywhere in the kitchen, as long as you use real timber, you do not need to use the same species for your countertop. If you desire a dark timber countertop use a naturally dark wood species, such as wenge, instead of staining a lighter timber. A cheap wood-stained dark will still look cheap.

A timber top will gain dents indentations over time. Be aware of this at the time of purchase and enjoy the aged look it will gain over time. Timber is a living product and will age with your kitchen.

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