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A fridge is one of the kitchen appliances that can easily get dirty. Sticky shelves are almost unavoidable and there’s bound the be a product inside that’s about to expire (if it hasn’t already). How to clean fridge – tips (and tricks) Personally, I hate cleaning my fridge. It’s a time-consuming job that I rather avoid doing. But once in a while I can’t deny it any longer: my fridge needs to be cleaned. In this case I go online and search for some cleaning tips (hopefully some tips that

If you’re a fan of industrial interiors, you’re going to love this kitchen. It has a raw concrete look with bare ceilings and a minimal amount of decorations. It’s a renovation project by Airhouse Design Office that was completed in 2014. Concrete kitchen countertops Using concrete for your kitchen countertop allows you to design with different shapes, to create long seamless runs, to vary thickness, and to use a multitude of colors. Customization can be as extreme as needed to meet your preferences. However, you can also have less customization

It might sound a bit contradictory, but a dishwasher needs to be cleaned too. Over the years a lot of dirt and tiny bits of food can cling together in the corners of a dishwasher. It not only looks bad, but it can also create unpleasant odors. How to clean dishwasher – simple instructions Step 1: check the drain It’s no surprise that the drain can get clogged up very easily. Check to see if there is dirt blocking the drain. Step 2: clean the dishwasher inside Empty your dishwasher

i29 is an architecture and interior design agency from Duivendrecht, The Netherlands. They have won several awards for their creations, including this incredible kitchen for a Paris apartment. The kitchen consists of two parts. The first part is a black kitchen island with unbelievably thin frames – so thin that they almost seem to disappear in space. The top surface is only a couple of millimeters thin. Kitchen islands are becoming a staple in kitchen remodels across the country, and a terrific way to save on your next kitchen update

Luxury kitchen by The Quinlan Group The Parker Residence is a substantial waterfront apartment in Sydney. The luxurious interior was designed by The Quinlan Group. One of the eye-catchers is the huge kitchen, with consists of three separate work areas. One kitchen island is used as a cooking area, the other one houses the sink and the last island can be used as a dining area. There’s also a cabinet wall with ovens and microwaves. One side of the kitchen can be closed of with wooden screens. This adds a bit of

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