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Kitchen placemats from West Elm Check out these awesome blueprint placemats from West Elm. These are perfect for people who have trouble setting up a table. Simple use these blueprint placemats and put the forks, knifes, spoons, glasses and plates on them. It’s so easy even kids can do it. These placemats are made of paper, so you can use them only once. Fortunately, each package contains 50 placemats (unfortunately this product wasn’t available when this post was written, but I hope it’ll be back soon). Each paper measures 18.25″

Planning a kitchen redesign is hard because there’s so much planning involved. One of the problems is that it’s difficult to imagine how it will look when it’s finished. That’s where kitchen design software comes in handy. There are several software packages that can be used to design a kitchen. The question is: which software package should I use? In order to solve this question we review four kitchen design software packages. Home Designer Website | $79 Home Designer is software that you can use to design an entire home.

In our last article we took a look at some kitchens with unusual color schemes. Although they used colors we don’t normally see in a kitchen, they still looked good. Why is this? Because they use a balanced color scheme. Every kitchen has multiple colors. A kitchen that only uses a single color would look bland and boring. Adequate contrast is needed to make it look good. So where can you get kitchen color ideas? I’ve found the perfect website for some color inspiration: Kuler. Kuler is a web application from Adobe where you

Very own Lego key holder Another quick tip that can make your life easier: if you don’t want to loose your keys it’s best to keep them in the same place. That’s why a lot of people hang a key holder in their kitchen or hallway. You can buy one of these in almost any home decor store. But you can easily make one yourself! If you have (or have had) kids, chances are that they play with Lego. When I was a kid, I had boxes full of these

Not everyone has a 400 square foot kitchen. Most people have to do with a lot less (I’m one of those people). But the trick is to make your small kitchen appear bigger. There are several techniques you can use to attain this effect. These are a few of them: Use the right colors Dark colors can make a room look smaller. That’s why it’s a good idea to use light colors in a small kitchen, for example white. White reflects light, which enhances the feeling of space. If you’re

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