I bet everyone has cut himself at least once whilst cooking (hopefully not too bad). Some people might have even cut themselves when they take a knife from a drawer, especially if they are stored without proper protection. The last thing you want is cut in your finger. That’s why MoMA designed these magnetic knife cases. These plastic cases protect you from cuts and help you store your knives safely. When you’re finished cooking, simple clean your knife and snap the plastic case securely over it. The magnetic closure makes

There’s nothing like cooking a great meal outside. A hot grill, warm sunset and a beautiful green garden… what more can you want? To enjoy the spring and summer to its fullest, a lot of people invest in an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is more than a place where you can cook and eat – it’s a place to entertain. It’s perfect if you’re having friends or family over. You don’t even need a massive garden to implement an outdoor kitchen. Even on a small area, you can do

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of tips on how to clean cast iron pots and pans. There are a lot of do’s and dont’s, but after a while you might not see the forest for the trees. So how can you keep your iron cast cookware clean and rust free? Let’s find out… Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware Cast iron pots and pan are porous, which means that they have minuscule holes in its surface. That’s why you should avoid soap. The soap can get into the pores and come out when you

Is there anything more beautiful than the grain structure of wood? It’s perhaps one of the most beautiful products of nature. So why would be not use this resource in our kitchen? Wood is the perfect material for a kitchen. A wooden kitchen always has a very homely feeling. It automatically creates a warm atmosphere, unlike man-made materials such as plastic and concrete, that often look cold. Most people associate wood with a traditional kitchen design. However, wood can also be used in very modern kitchen (we have plenty of great examples

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